Pedal Stack heights

Stack height is distance from center of pedal spindle to bottom surface of shoe. Some measured by us, some measured by others.

Model Mounting pattern Notes Stack height in mm
Campagnolo Pro Fit Record/Chorus/Veloce     20.5
Crank Brothers Candy/Eggbeater 2 hole   15.2
Look CX6 Ti     21.3
Look Keo/Ti     17.1
Look PP296     22.0
Performance SPD compatible dual sided MTB 2 hole   17.0
Ritchie SPD compatible single sided road pedal 2 hole   14.3
Shimano SPD SL, Shimano Ultegra SL     13.7
Shimano SPDR     12.0
Speedplay Zero, Light Action, X 3-hole With 3 hole adapter 11.5
Speedplay Zero, Light Action, X 4-hole Mounted to 4 hole shoe 8.5
Speedplay Frog 2 hole Measured with 'G3' style cleat 17.2
Time Impact/Titan Mag 3 hole   12.2
Time Impact/Titan Mag 4 hole   11.5
Time Equipe Pro Magnesium 3 hole   16.5
Time Equipe Pro Magnesium 4 hole   8.8
Time RSX/Ti/RXE     12.5